Street scene in Pochep in recent times

JewishGen Locality Page for Pochep, Russia.

JewishGen Family Finder shows 42 hits, 29 researchers for Pochep.

Chernigov Genealogy Group website includes maps of Chernigov gubernia, lists of towns, surname lists, maps,  index of documents available through LDS Library, even some family trees.

Jewish Virtual Library: Chernigov


Memorial at site where 1,846 were killed. From Yad Vashem website.

Yad Vashem Untold Stories: Prewar history of Pochep, the Nazi massacre, commemoration of Jewish victims.

Harav Moshe Mordechai Amrami-Pogorelsky: A Memorial. This biography contains much information about Pochep.

Wikipedia: General history of Pochep from the 15th Century.

For general information click here. For more about historic and current Pochep, click here. Many of the above webpages show maps of Pochep. For additional maps, click here.


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