What Do We Know About Jewish Pochep?

Pochep Coat of Arms

Pochep Coat of Arms

Pochep is currently in the Russian Federation, in the Bryansk oblast. Before World War I it was in the Mglin district of the Chernigov gubernia in the Russian Empire. Between the wars it was in the Oriol district of the Russian SSR.

In 1897 the Jewish population of Pochep was 3,172 out of a total of 9,714. In 1926 there were 3,616 Jews in the town, and by 1939 the Jewish population had dropped to 2,314.

The town was captured by the Germans on August 22, 1941, and hundreds of Jews were among the 2,200 murdered in the area. After the war a monument was erected over the mass grave. (from the Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, edited by Shmuel Spector.)

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